Dark kitchen: a stylish solution or a gloomy place


Not everyone likes their housing premises in pastel colors. Some people like bright and saturated colors. Therefore, many people think about having a dark kitchen. If you want the room to be stylish and appealing, you need a proper design.

Pros and cons of a dark kitchen

The pros of a dark kitchen are as follows:

  • it can be combined with different styles
  • fashionable and at the same time restrained design that looks luxurious
  • the interior looks better in large rooms
  • dark always looks expensive, even with a tight budget
  • dark rooms have a balanced look

A dark kitchen in a studio apartment is a great option for a large room

The cons of a dark kitchen:

  • if the environment of the kitchen is selected incorrectly, there may be too many dark colors and the kitchen will look gloomy.
  • lack of light, due to which it may be necessary to turn the lights on even during daylight.
  • if the room is small, dark colors make it look even smaller.
  • the smallest damages and dirt are clearly visible on the dark surfaces of the kitchen, especially if the material is glossy; dark kitchen requires more frequent cleaning that a light one.
  • dark colors have a negative effect on sensitive people; if the windows face north, the room will look even gloomier.

Glossy or matte furniture for dark kitchens?

There is a difference between matte and glossy furniture for dark kitchens. The classic interior looks better with matte furniture because it underlines its elegance and richness. But if there is too much matte, the interior will look dull.

Gloss is more suitable for modern dark kitchens that look cleaner and richer. Moreover, dark kitchen with glossy furniture looks more spacious than a dark kitchen with a matte one.

Styles that dark kitchens are suitable for:

  1. Hi-tech. Black furniture will look good in a kitchen with white walls and a metal backsplash. You should not restrict yourself to the use of the black color only. Choose other dark tones for fittings. This style is characterized by shine and light, so the surface of the furniture should be glossy.
  2. Classic. Dark fits this style perfectly. You can combine gold with dark shades of fittings, so the kitchen looks rich and elegant.
  3. Arabic. Such dark shades as burgundy, emerald, and blue are suitable for this style. These colors will match bright ornaments and carvings perfectly.
  4. Loft. The dark shades of the surface of the furniture look great if they are combined with beige, brick-red or gray.

More for dark kitchens

A plain kitchen will not make a big impression, even if the furniture looks attractive. Therefore, dark should be combined with light, even in small quantities. It can be a separate piece of furniture, or a part of it. Thus, the room will look very impressive.

It is better to have light-colored walls. If we talk about finishing, then any materials will do. The ceramic tiles are the most common case. The ceiling and the floor can be dark. However, you can also switch the colors and combine light floor and ceiling with dark walls. As for the color shades, you can use sand, coffee, beige, and ivory.

Dark kitchens need good lighting. So, additional lighting can be installed in some corners of the kitchen. For example, you can install it over the place where you usually cook. Lighting should be warm.

Dark, classic-style kitchen needs bright lighting. You can use household appliances of light color shades to make a bright accent. It is necessary to observe one color scheme for all household appliances.

Household appliances with a tinge of metallic color are suitable for dark kitchens.

The decor of the dark kitchen depends strongly on its style. It is not necessary to make it completely dark. Introducing some elements of other colors into the design of a dark kitchen is a great idea.

Varieties of colors for dark kitchens

The most common colors are:

  1. Black. This color is strict and classic. It can be combined with other color shades.
  2. Dark concrete. This color can also be combined with other color shades. However, the kitchen should not be oversaturated with this color, because the room will look too cold.
  3. Brown. This is a noble color, especially if the surface of the furniture is of natural wood. There are many shades of brown that will fit the interior perfectly, such as dark coffee, chocolate, oak color.
  4. Dark purple. Shades of this color will make the kitchen warm and give it a slightly mysterious look.
  5. Dark green. This color is suitable for the classic style. Also, gilded elements are commonly combined with this color shade. The combination of dark green and white, yellow, and light gray will make the interior look amazing.
  6. Burgundy. It makes the kitchen look elegant and modern. Gilded fittings and designer carvings harmonize perfectly with this color. You can combine it with white elements to add some contrast.
  7. Blue. Sea shades will give the kitchen interior a certain inspiration, freshness, and lightness. Such tones are suitable for a variety of styles, including country style and provincial style.

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