Choosing the color of the kitchen furniture


Choosing the color of the kitchen furniture is an important moment in creating a design of your dreams. The kitchen is the most popular room not only among those who live in an apartment or a house, but also among guests. That is why it is so important to make the kitchen look attractive.

The image of the kitchen strongly depends on the choice of colors. The size of the room plays a crucial role when choosing color shades. So, in the case of a small kitchen shades that make the kitchen look larger are preferrable. Moreover, the appearance of the kitchen should inspire people to cook delicious dishes or cause appetite.

To make the kitchen look attractive, you need to combine the colors correctly. Therefore, you need to know the psychology of colors and to be able to combine various color shades. So, bright colors, such as orange or purple, should be used carefully and thoughtfully. If you want light furniture, then the walls and the floor should be darker. You need to follow several rules to make excellent interior design.

Light surfaces

Some people do not like light color shades because such shades are associated with cold and the sterility of hospitals. On the other hand, there is more than just marble white. There are other shades, such as beige, milk, ivory, vanilla, and others. Every color, including white, has a lot of other shades. If you combine them correctly, you can give the room additional faces and textures.

Pros and cons of light shades


  • any room, even a small one, looks more spacious, the illusion of spaciousness is created.
  • light color shades are easy to combine with each other.
  • light color shades have a positive effect on the psycho-emotional state of a person.
  • the room does not need additional lighting in the daytime, because it is already bright.
  • you can focus on certain interior items by assigning them an assorted color shade.
  • you can also of other color shade.

You do not need to choose classic options when buying light furniture. Instead, you can choose an ordinary wooden countertop and other similar things.

But there are also cons

  • The feeling of coldness
  • Crocking
  • Easy to ger dirty

The light design is suitable for different styles. You can add other colors to make a contract, like black, lemon or raspberry. Just a small detail can transform the kitchen.

Countertop, backsplash, and facade in a light kitchen

Beige or gray countertop is a classic option. For work surfaces, black or wenge color is suitable. Natural color shades are the best for decoration.

The backsplash should be of a contrasting color. If the countertop is dark, then the backsplash should be light. However, it is also possible to combine similar color shades, but choose them wisely. Various drawings and ornaments are also possible.

Is you want a modern kitchen design, countertops should be of cream, gray, pink or metallic.

Glossy or matte facade can be supplemented with drawings. The surface of the furniture of strict colors, looks great, creating a light top and a dark bottom. Even if your apartment is small, such design will look as harmonious as in a large house.

Bright surfaces

The kitchen will bring you happiness, joy, and peace is you choose the right colors for interior design. However, you need to understand how bright colors work, and to learn how they can be compatible with each other.

Pros and cons

Looking at the pictures, bright design looks more fun and colorful than the light shades and wooden textures. However, such approach has its cons as well.

The pros are as follows:

  • modern, unusual design.
  • bright colors can spark your creativity
  • many bright colors cheer you up.
  • the color surface of the furniture gets less dirty, unlike the light one.


  • If you choose the wrong color shades and combine them incorrectly, bright color shades, even if they are incredibly beautiful, can disrupt the comfort in the house and deprive its residents of inner harmony.
  • When combined incorrectly, extremely bright colors create the illusion of disorder.

It is especially important to consider the psychological characteristics of those who live in the house or an apartment when choosing colors for the interior design.

Common color combinations

The conservative nature of the kitchen does not always allow experimenting with design. However, if you choose a unique design for other rooms in the apartment, the kitchen should be also given the same treatment. If you do not want to oversaturate it with bright colors, you can choose only one bright color combining it with light and calm shades.

If you are a joyous person who enjoys the family jokes, laughs, rejoices of everything that happens, then bright colors are your cup of tea. You just need to make a clearer decision on what color your kitchen should be.

Key options:

It attracts the eye, causes appetite, but also increases the pressure. According to the psychology studies, red is suitable for people who possess resilience, as well as leadership qualities. Dieters are not advised to choose red, as are elderly people.

Due to its saturation, this color is capable of different influence on your mental state. It calls for peace, tranquility, and serenity. Pastel color shades, such as navajo, creamy, and peach, improve the state of mind, give you a sense of freedom, and tenderness. Tomato and crimson color shades awaken the appetite. It is suitable for family people, kids like it a well.

Orange furniture will please everyone. This color contributes to a natural, simple conversation and awakens the appetite little by little. Orange is often preferred by owners of modern catering companies because orange attracts customers, makes them communicate and have a joyful time. It is perfect for energetic and purposeful people, as well as for confident unmarried people, businesspeople, and young families.

It gives the feeling of warmth that guests will always enjoy. Cheerful, sociable, friendly people prefer yellow. It gives inspiration, triggers imagination, encourages the desire to experiment, which is important in cooking. When choosing the most suitable shade of yellow, it is important to consider that too bright colors cause anxiety, and pale colors contribute to the lack of energy

Green furniture gives a sense of security and harmony. Scientists say that this color is also capable of reducing physical pain. It is suitable for people who work hard both mentally and physically.

This color gives a sense of calm. It is associated with vacation. Azure is a symbol of security. it can help you resist the hunger. Therefore, it is suitable for those who want to lose weight.

A brave and a bright choice giving a sense of saturation. This color has long been known among superstitious people for its mystic properties because it attracts well-being and inner strength. At the same time, purple has notes of subtlety, sensuality. It creates an intimate and romantic atmosphere. Violet is suitable for young families.

What color shades should I choose?

  1. Scarlet, aquamarine, black, fuchsia, moray eel are suitable for white.
  2. Marengo, brown, sea foam, white Navajo for beige.
  3. Cream, scarlet, fuchsia, cornflower blue for gray.
  4. Brass, olive, linen, gray, moray eel for pink.
  5. Lemon, ivory, moray eel, indigo, wet asphalt for red.
  6. Cyanide, peach, cream, emerald, beige for brown.
  7. Blue, purple, cobalt, plum for orange.
  8. Indigo, gray, neutral black, cyanide for yellow.
  9. Pear, yellow, black, corn for green.
  10. Red, peach, cream, lime, metallic for blue.
  11. Corn, saffron, ochre, bright orange for blue.
  12. Titian, peach, emerald, wheat, lime for black.

To avoid too many colors, do not combine more than three color shades.

Dark surfaces

Deep shades can help create a cozy design. This is a fascinating design, but you need to consider that it is necessary to use black colors considering numerous specifics, positive aspects and disadvantages. Before you start and decide what color shade to choose for the kitchen, you need to think everything over.

Pros and cons

Dark color shades can help to form the atmosphere of harmony in the room. The choice of dark color shades can be justified by rationality first, and only then by esthetics.


  • Dark color shades have deep tones. The kitchen will look rich, elegant, and luxurious. The material of furniture for the kitchen will look more expensive, it will have more chic in it, and it will look more solid (with a well-chosen color palette).
  • Dark color shades can help smooth out the existing visual imbalance of the room. This is how the place of extensive kitchens or rooms with too soaring ceilings is managed.
  • It is easier to choose natural colors so as not to disrupt the coherence of the color scheme of the entire room. Nature cannot be inharmonious


  • It is not suitable for small apartments and apartments with a compact kitchen. Combine the dark and light in 1:1.
  • It requires more frequent cleaning. Dirt is more noticeable on dark surfaces than on light ones. Dust and grease particles on the work surfaces of the kitchen are unavoidable. Therefore, before choosing the dark color shade of the furniture of the kitchen, ask yourself how often you will be able to take care of it.
  • A dark kitchen will look depressive without some light color shades. It will negatively affect the central nervous system, especially if the windows face north.

The cons of black are predictable, so if you combine the shades correctly, then it is easy to avoid adverse consequences and maintain comfort.

Consultation of a designer

Only an expert having necessary skills in making interior design will be able to consider all the specifics. To stay in the limits of a budget, many people renovate their typical apartments in an old building without the help of others. Even if it is not necessary to make big renovation, you will still face problems. It is always better to be consulted on renovations, whether big or small. If you have no idea what color your kitchen should be, please contact us. With the recommendations from our designers, you will be able to implement the project of your dreams, turning your kitchen into a comfortable place.

There is no need to develop a kitchen project for several months when you can get an expert help. We will inspect your apartment or house in full and give you many advises on the choice of colors and the arrangement of furniture.

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